Become a Partner

What do our partners get?

  1. Free Training on how to configure and implement A5 Documents.
  2. Free Premium Support to help with advanced questions and configurations with faster response time.
  3. Free App License to use for demo org to show their clients and/or use for your internal business processes.
  4. Listed on our Certified Partners page.
  5. Partner feedback on new app features are prioritized.


How to become a partner?

  1. Fill out the form below. You will receive a welcome email from our partner engagement manager.
  2. Read our training materials in our Knowledge Base.
  3. Request a training session if needed.
  4. Configure A5 Documents into a test/dev org as defined in the Get Certified checklist below.
  5. Advise your Partner Engagement Manager when ready to review your configurations and certify.

If you have a test or dev org with A5 Documents installed on a trial and need a trial extension to learn and get certified provide the org id here and we will extend the trial.

Get Certified

  1. In a dev or test org install A5 Documents and configure the following.
  2. Configure a Document Action based on the Opportunity object.
  3. Create a template that looks like a Quote.
  4. Create a lookup field on Opportunity called Primary Contact, a lookup to Contact object.
  5. Merge on the template Account Name, Account Billing Address, Opportunity Owner (Full Name, Phone, Email), Opportunity Name, Amount, Primary Contact (Full Name, Phone, Email).
  6. Create a table and merge a related list of Opportunity Products. Merge the Product Name, Quantity, Price, Total.
  7. Filter the related list with a checkbox field on Opportunity Product called “Hidden from Quote”. Sort the related list by order field.
  8. Add a company logo to your template.
  9. Create a checkbox called “Include Special Terms” on Opportunity.
  10. Create a conditional merge section on the template with some content that merges if Include Special Terms is checked.
  11. Create a field on Opportunity called “Google Doc URL”.
  12. Create an email template based on Opportunity that merges the Opportunity Primary Contact full name to address it. And a link to the google doc url as a hyperlink with a link label “View Quote”.
  13. Configure the document action to generate a PDF and attach to the record, save the google doc url to the “Google Doc URL” field, update the Stage to “Quote Sent”, and prepare an email to preview with the email template created with the Email To populated with Opportunity.Primary Contact, and the email would have the pdf attached.
  14. Create a button on Opportunity called “Email Quote” for the document action and put on the page layout.
  15. Create a test Account, Contact, and Opportunity record. Add Opportunity Products to the Opportunity. Set the Primary Contact on the Opportunity. Test your conditional merge section with your checkbox.
  16. Test the related list filter with “Hidden from Quote” field.
  17. Add a checkbox field on Opportunity called “Email Quote”.
  18. Add a validation rule if Email Quote is checked then Primary Contact must have a value.
  19. Copy the Document Action you created and modify it to make it autosend the email instead of going to preview.
  20. Create a Process Builder on Opportunity when updated and Email Quote is TRUE it should execute an immediate action to execute the document action to auto email the quote.
  21. Test the automation by checking the box Email Quote.
  22. Grant Access for the user in this org to A5 Apps for 1 month.
  23. Email your Partner Engagement Manager when all configurations are ready and tested for us to review.