A5 Apps Presents

Document Generation App
for Salesforce

  • Merge any Salesforce data into a document
  • Easy template builder with Google Docs 
  • Generate PDF, Word, or Google Doc
  • Automatically attach, email, or download document

What’s A5 Documents?

  • This App allows you to generate documents based on your Salesforce data.
  • Dynamically pull data from a record and any related records for any object and any fields using built-in template builder.
  • Create Google Docs templates and generate documents by merging salesforce fields.
  • Automatically have the merged document saved to your Google Drive, emailed, attached to Salesforce, or downloaded.
  • Setup access restrictions for the Google Doc directly in Salesforce using the standard Google sharing settings.
  • You can generate document in different formats and attach them to the related record. File formats supported: PDF, Word, html, odt, rtf, txt.
  • Setup total automations to generate documents automatically without user clicks.
  • Use A5 Documents to automate your work processes and save time!
  • Use our other app A5 Signature to send your generated document for eSignature from Salesforce. You can automate signature processes by auto emailing for signature, and auto updating Salesforce when signed. 



Document Action

  • This page is used to configure your Document Action
  • Setup a Document Action to create a button or link that can be used to generate, email, or download the document

Template builder

  • Select the fields and merge directly onto the template
  • Select any related object that you wish to display in a table

Template Sample

  • Utilize Google Docs formatting functionality to create beautiful templates
  • Google Docs formatting and design features are very similar to Microsoft Word

Document Generation Button

  • Add any custom button or link to any page layout on any object

Merge Salesforce Data

  • Merge any Salesforce Data into a document
  • Generate PDF, Word, or Google Doc with merged data
  • Merge Data from any standard or custom object
  • Merge related lists in a table
  • Merge images onto the document

Easy Template Builder

  • Create your document templates in Google Docs
  • Easily select fields to merge onto the template
  • Utilize all of the formatting features included in Google Docs
  • Create and edit your template from within Salesforce

Email, Download, or Attach document

  • Create simple Document Action to initiate document generation
  • Create buttons or links for one-click document generation
  • Automatically email, download, or attach your document to the Salesforce record
  • Configure complete automation without user clicks



  • 15 day free trial – Install the App
  • $7/user/month – Activate your Account 
  • Up to 1,000 documents per month. Contact for more.
  • Training Sessions at $125/hour 
  • Quick Start Training Session
  • No minimum users required
  • No annual contract
  • Billed month-to-month
  • You can cancel anytime
  • Charged automatically with credit card or ACH

Get Started

Step 1

Install the App from AppExchange
15 day free trial included

Step 2

Read documentation
Create a Document Action
Create Template
Add Button to Layout

Step 3

Activate your Trial
Assign licenses to users


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